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Unsure how many sessions you would like… That’s no problem, you can book individual sessions here. This option is ideal for a specific short term goal or one aspect of life that you wish to focus on. You can always decide if you wish to book more ad hoc sessions at any time.

What’s involved?

– Duration: As many sessions as you wish
– How: One on One, sacred space with me
– Where: Online (or in Nature, if I’m nearby)
– When: One hour per session

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Here’s what people have to say…

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My time speaking with you Edel was attentive to more specific items that I feel I can be more action-orientated about in the short-term. Such as shaping how I think about my career change – mapping this to my values – and of course understanding ways to determine what my values actually are. Learning about the choice-point is instrumental – and oddly one of those ‘no-duh’ things that we take for granted until someone points out what should be obvious (that most of everything we do is a choice). Finally, support and non-judgemental conversation was probably as important, if not more than, anything else. No pressure to think, act, or engage in any way during or after our sessions. Always focused on me, the one being coached, to use tools to help guide me through important life decisions.Overall, I think you, Edel, have a genuine ability to listen and support. It’s comfortable and natural, and by nature you’re very trustworthy.- Jennifer
This coaching journey was an adventure. I am so different now in terms of finding new paths of reacting to the challenges of my daily life. I am better equipped and stronger. Kinder and happier.I wasn't expecting something specific. I started with an open mind and lots of hope. You showed me alternative thought processes in dealing with my life. I gained more than I could ever have imagined. The reason why I started was to become a better and happier person. I truly believe that I am on the right path!I didn't expect to share as much as I did. I don't really share much with people that aren't my family. I surprised myself because I was open and ready to change and I have. Thank you for thatRealising that most things are out of our control. Life happens as it does and all we can really do is our best to react in those moments. Keeping in mind and at heart what really matters, thus keeping a clear mind, was a breakthrough. Because it was up to me the whole time really :)I already have changed so much. I keep notes of many things. I think before I let my initial dread get to me. I am kinder to myself and others because of that. I keep trying to find new ways to improve myself without being harsh. I have become more level headed, less anger and less anxiety in dealing with challenging situations.You offered me a great gift in coaching. I might not have seeked it out & I would have lost so much. You heard me without judgement and shared your experience to help me feel more comfortable. And it worked. I will always owe you showing me the new pathways to happiness. Letting go of ...
I have developed more self confidence in my ability to figure out what I want and how to put in place a plan to achieve it.I feel I’m not a great communicator and I surprised myself by my ability to verbalise my values and goals.I benefited from being encouraged to set short term and long term goals, write them down and talk about how I would put the process in place to set about achieving them. I enjoyed seeing my progress over the coaching journey.Starting small, giving myself praise and building gradually on achievements was a breakthrough for me... as I tend to be impatient with myself and my progress with things.- Anonymous
My experience of coaching sessions with Edel has been a powerful one. Her warmth and compassion helped me feel very safe, respected, and free to be myself. I felt I was being listened to without judgement at all times, while also being offered very valuable insight and advice. This experience has armed me with a more concrete direction of steps that I can take (and have already taken), to help move me closer to my potential on both a personal and professional level. It’s been invaluable.The coaching journey helped me to refocus. Instead of fixating on being 'stuck', it helped me to focus more on the parts of me that are doing very well.I have been actively focusing more on the good things about myself. For example, I am now journaling every night, and writing about things that I have handled/am handling well at the end of each day.I got a big surge of pride for myself during one of the sessions, which was emotional and was a very new and positive experience for me.I felt genuine glimpses of love for myself. Also, your energy was very warm, and it was lovely to feel so comfortable and safe during the sessions with you. I felt free to be myself, and more open to loving myself.- Miriam O’Mahony

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