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My wish is for everyone to live aligned to their authentic self, feeling well and in awe of everything through the journey that is life. I facilitate growth and personal transformations through heartfelt coaching that centers around my three-pillar approach to life focusing on: Authenticity, Wellbeing and Enlightenment.

At the age of 36 I was coasting through life unaware of what was about to happen. I was working in a high intensity job at a multinational, feeling stressed, carrying with me experiential trauma from a sudden bereavement, carrying financial debt in the aftermath of the 2008 housing recession. I was pretty much living my life on automatic pilot, until I awoke in a hospital bed not having any recollection of whom or where I was. I’d had a rare stroke. There’s a lot of detail I could go into about this, but in essence what I can say is that this was a life changing event & most significant, in that I gained. Yes, gained.. I gained insight. That life can be a different way. All that everything in life is a choice, starting with the intention to be myself in everything I do, and how I perceive things.

And by developing better coping mechanisms, when life challenges me again. Somewhere during the process of my left brain temporarily going offline, I experienced an awakening. An awakening to serve others & live life as authentically & compassionately humanly possible. In the years following my recovery, I found joy and purpose in sharing deep and meaningful conversations and realised that I had an innate ability to help others see their goodness, so I went on to become a qualified coaching psychologist, and then made the brave decision to leave behind my secure job, and pursue a new life serving others.

I feel privileged to be alive and to get to work with people to see them become masters of their own lives. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to connect and share conversations with others, as I continue to grow and learn on my own path in life. I hope our paths will cross some day, either in person or online ☺

I already believe in you, YOU just need to believe in yourself!

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My Approach to Coaching

I love deep and meaningful, soulful conversations. More and more I see that we as people speak at a surface level and that humanity is becoming a little detached from the fullest expression of the soul and heart’s desire. In my coaching, I hold a sacred space…that fills this void, and opens a person-centred space for you to feel supported, honoured, comfortable & free of pressure to speak openly & freely and dig deep within to find the answers… to find yourself.

I undertook my coaching studies & learning’s in Coaching & Coaching Psychology (completing a higher diploma at University College Cork, Ireland). I went on and gained further knowledge and have taken courses in the therapeutic use of Mindfulness, Spiritual Life Coaching, Addiction Coaching, Resilience Skills, and Brain Health and bring my knowledge from these areas to a wholistic approach with my clients. Mind, Body and Spirit are interconnected and given my own life experience I can intuitively sense where others are finding difficulty in life, and can leverage my skills from these areas to tailor to the specific needs of each individual I work with.

In addition to my mainly person-centred approach, I lean on a blend of Positive Psychology and Narrative coaching styles to give clients the opportunity to rewrite the stories that we tell ourselves.

I focus on awareness of thinking patterns, with Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC), and utilise resources such as Mindfulness, that we can leverage for mind and emotional regulation.

I love Nature. It inspires me. It grounds me. So I like to incorporate a ‘walk and talk’ in nature into my coaching sessions, if the opportunity to work in person presents. I have seen this work well for many of my clients, and I may offer this option in the right location & conditions.


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