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Awakening to Life is about Awe. You only need to prepare yourself and Life will take care of itself.

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Life is a journey, a journey with many choices along the path.

To know you is the most amazing gift in making these choices, bringing a sense of purpose, alignment, & fulfilment to your life. The challenge to achieving this arises when you BE-come misaligned with your truest self. For example, when your work, your relationships, or your environment feel like they are going against the grain, you may no longer feel joy or passion. Your body and mind know it, and your overall sense of well-BEing deteriorates. These feelings are your soul speaking to you, alerting you that you are not living in alignment with your purpose and that something needs to change.

Within you is the wisdom to identify what is ‘off’ and what needs to change, but have become detached from this intrinsic guidance system. I know what it is like to feel like this, to be living life on auto-pilot, and have gone through the process of awakening, and I now help others that have slipped off their own path. I will help you to reconnect with your true self. In my coaching sessions, I hold a sacred space that brings deep awareness within and can support you in this journey of realignment, freedom and Truth.

I already believe in you, YOU just need to believe in yourself!

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Hello, I’m Edel, I know what it’s like to feel incongruent with my deepest self, living out of alignment of my true values and walking aimlessly through life. I reconnected with my authentically-well self, and want to help you to live a life true by you. I’ve also overcome a major life-changing event, and discovered that we human beings have the resources we need to be resilient in challenging times, and I can help you find the resilience residing within you.

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My offerings

Living Awe

Do you feel like you are living on automatic-pilot? Do you feel stuck? Is there a sense you’ve lost control over the way you want to live your life, resulting in confusion and doubt, and desperately want something to change?

The Living AWE program will assist in getting your life back on track, on your own path, to live life full of joy, ease, love, kindness all while learning how to trust in your authentic choices.

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Resiliently You

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Here’s what people have to say…

Edel was warm and welcoming. Patient in a kind way. She has set me on the path to achieving my goals.- Siobhan
I found the coaching very useful and informative. It made me aware of certain changes I would like to implement in my own life. I gained awareness and acceptance of situations, and a change in perspective. Edel was very professional and courteous in her approach. I would happily recommend her to a friend or colleague.- Claire, Cork
Edel is a warm, intelligent and resourceful Life Coach, that provides a friendly, welcoming and structured coaching for anyone who needs the right nudges and pushes in the right directions to achieve goals set out, professionally or personally. The guidance of a life coach can be the difference between growth, achievement and confusion and lack of feeling satisfied on your path to your own goals. The most important insight to me was the fact that I already am on the right path and need more patience with myself as well as discipline to continue.- Natalie

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